L-evalwazzjoni tiegħek tieħu madwar minuta

Għażiz Utent

Jekk jogħġbok għinna nevalwaw il-materjal tagħna sabiex nagħmluh aktar rilevanti għalik u ntejbuh fejn meħħtieġ. L-evalwazzjoni tiegħek tieħu madwar minuta.

Mur għall-evalwazzjoni.


It-Tim ta' Safety4el

P.S. - Nistiednuk tikkuntattjana wkoll b'imejl: Marjohn Demanuele

4th project meeting, Paola September 25th and 26th 2018

The teams met in Paola, Malta for the 4th project meeting. The core content was:

  • Schedule updates
  • Quality control and monitoring
  • Policy making and exploitation
  • Ensure that all teams know their tasks and responsibilities

Working on a scaffold

A video where you can watch an electrician who is going to work on a scaffold, wearing protective gear. He tries to take certain safety measures but in the absence of the right equipment he takes temporary measures which can be fatal. The video was recorded by the Maltese team in the Safety4El project. Link to the video: https://youtu.be/JOqNoiY-Crc

Safe Isolation – a Virtual Reality case

This VR (Virtual Reality) case study will enable the learners to view and interact with the working environments in the safety of the classroom environment.

Learners should explore at their own pace giving them greater depth of the working environment than traditional resources such as posters, hand-outs and books.

How to watch the VR video:

  • On a computer you can use the mouse to move around the room.
  • On Tablets and Smartphones. The use of hand held mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads or similar devices will give a better result with the ability to use the real time motion tracking sensors. You can download VR viewing apps from Google Play or APP Store

Go to the video: https://youtu.be/w5Uum3PPOps

Meet Safety4El during the EfVET 2018 conference

During the round table presentation Valentina Chanina and Kent Andersen will demonstrate some of the Safety4El outputs:

- Free and ready to use videos including 3D VR materials for use in safety cases

- an Open Educational Resource based on a Moodle MOOC with hundreds of multimedia supported multiple choice exercises

Work at Height

The Cyprus Safety4El team has recorded a new video, which  is used in a safety case with materials. The video has two soundtracks one in Greek and one in English with subtitles in Danish, Maltese and Spanish. Go to the case area to download the teacher instructions and student handouts

Ittestja dak li taf

Dan it-test magħmul minn numru ta’ mistoqsijiet minn ħdax-il tema. In-numru ta’ mistoqsijiet li ser jintużaw minn kull tema hu:

Saħħa Ġenerali fuq il-Post tax-Xogħol  6
Operazzjonijiet ta' Rfigħ u Ċaqliq  4
Rappurtar ta' Aċċidenti  3
Tagħmir Personali Protettiv  4
Saħħa u Iġene  3
Nar u Emerġenza  4
Xogħol fil-Għoli  5
Tagħmir tax-Xogħol  4
Perikli f'Siti Speċjali  3
Elettrotekniku  6
Ambjentali  3

Sabiex tgħaddi mit-test, trid twieġeb tajjeb 38 mistoqsija minn 45 mistoqsija fi 30 minuta.

Go to the test

January 23rd: Politeknika Txorierri will be disseminating Safety4El to 23 VET schools in the HETEL association

Politeknika Txorierri will be disseminating Safety4El to the 23 VET schools in the HETEL association on Tuesday 23rd. That day HETEL will hold a "Technological Project Fair" for the schools to share the technological projects, European and National, they are working in in order to create synergies and possible follow ups.

For more information, please contact Anabel Menica <amenica@txorierri.net>

Safety4El will be presented at a Techno-CLIL 2018 webinar

Safety4El has been invited to run a Techno-CLIL 2018 webinar http://evo2018proposals.pbworks.com/w/page/120461463/TECHNO-CLIL%202018  where we’ll present the CLIL scaffolding in our project. The webinar is scheduled to January 30th at 15:00 to 16:00 CET.

During the webinar, Kent Andersen will demonstrate how CLIL is exploited as part of the Safety4El project, which is very much content based, but where CLIL scaffolding may help the users better understand the complex content.

Article about Safety4El in the Danish trade journal Arbejdsgiverne

Article about Safety4El in the Danish trade journal Arbejdsgiverne “The Employers” (no 11 2017 page 31). It is also in the trade journal Arbejdsgiverne that the owners of 2,200 membership companies keep themselves updated with new initiatives, course offers, and much more from their trade association.  The article is also available from the journal Ingeniøren “The engineer” (no 10 November 12th 2017 page 32)