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This part of the website will enable teachers to upload and share materials suitable for teaching and learning about safety issues.

The page will also contain descriptions and links to resources and other websites dealing with safety at work.


Questions relating to:

  • New or rewired domestic and similar installations
  • Alterations and additions in domestic and similar premises
  • New installations (places of work) (Wordlinked) ©2016 Electrical Safety First

Questions relating to:

  • Periodic inspection, testing, certification and reporting. (Wordlinked) ©2016 Electrical Safety First

An overview of The Electrical Safety Act, executive orders, standards and information about electrical installations, electrical plants and electrical equipment in the jurisdiction of The Danish Safety Technology Authority

Act on the Safety of Electrical Plants, Electrical Installations and Electrical Equipment (the Electrical Safety Act)

Wikipedia article on IEC 60364 Electrical Installations for Buildings:

The Electrical Installation Guide (and now Wiki) by Schneider Electric is to help electrical designers and contractors to design electrical installations according to standards such as the IEC60364 or other relevant standards:

Working on switchboards can be involved with risk. The Danish Sikkerhedsstyrelsen has made a video where you will learn about the procedures to avoid risk and take care of your own safety:

Application forms to be used if you have completed a qualification outside Denmark (in another EU or EEA country) and wish to obtain authorisation in Denmark

Wikipedia article on Electrical wiring in the United Kingdom:

Short clips of Napo facing various electrical hazards:

Project outputs.

Report with differences in electrical installations across the partnership

Start: 01-09-2016 Final: 01-05-2017

The report will map the differences in electrical installation systems across the partnership countries

Report on safety training and tests for electricians across the partnership countries

Start: 01-09-2016 Final: 01-05-2017

The report will map the different regulations for safety courses and tests for electricians across the partnership countries.

The report will make recommendations for a European regulation of safety for electricians based on either mandatory tests, courses, or combinations of course followed by tests.

Multiple Choice Tests

Start: 01-12-2016 Final: 31-08-2019

Database/collection with 270 online multiple choice questions on general and electrical safety.

Case stories with situations demonstrating safety issues

Start: 02-01-2017 Final: 31-08-2019

Online multimedia safety cases (video, sound recordings, and photos) for training risk assessment

Curriculum/Course Guide

Start: 01-10-2017 Final: 31-08-2019

Guidelines for running the course with exemplary course descriptions for running the course as “stand alone”, in classes integrated, and as blended learning.

OER Platform

Start: 01-09-2016 Final: 31-08-2019

The website hosting the OER system: Upload area, Course materials, case stories, test area with online tests, integration with social media for exchange of practice, and links (e.g. to regulations, certifying bodies, resources etc.)

Recommendations for improved safety for electricians in Europe

Start: 01-07-2019 Final: 31-08-2019

Report with recommendations for courses and/or tests leading to improved safety for electricians in Europe



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