The project will be presented at two roundtables:

The presentation will demonstrate how the Safety4El project (Safety4El KA202-2016-016), which is working on improving safety for electricians, has made use of CALL as part of the safety training.

Safety4El makes extensive use of a platform, Clilstore (being further developed by COOL KA2-2018-1-ES01-KA203-050474, a new EC co-funded project), which links all words in a text to dictionaries covering 118 languages, see example:

It will be demonstrated how a teacher in a few minutes can create online units in the new Clilstore, see an example/ appetizer of how Clilstore has been used in a class

The presentation will share experiences learned from combining CLIL scaffolding as part of content teaching to cater for students (e.g. with an immigrant background) finding abstract vocabulary a barrier to understanding the content.

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