Article about Safety4El in the Danish trade journal Arbejdsgiverne

Article about Safety4El in the Danish trade journal Arbejdsgiverne “The Employers” (no 11 2017 page 31). It is also in the trade journal Arbejdsgiverne that the owners of 2,200 membership companies keep themselves updated with new initiatives, course offers, and much more from their trade association.  The article is also available from the journal Ingeniøren “The engineer” (no 10 November 12th 2017 page 32)

EfVET Roundtable Presentation in Thessaloniki

Valentina Chanina and Kent Andersen presented the project outcomes from the first project year with videos showcasing safety issues and the project website with the Open Educational Resources.

Read the Meeting Minutes from the 3rd project meeting

The project teams met in Paola, Malta for the 3rd transnational project meeting. The meeting was productive as can be read in the minutes: meeting_Minutes.pdf

Personal Protective Equipment, a Safety Case

During the 3rd project meeting Russell Tucker presented a new safety case with an interactive picture intended to show hazards and how to identify them. A worksheet was also prepared to show that learning is taking place. The case will soon be available from the “Safety Cases” area.

New materials ready for use

The project teams have prepared lots of new materials in the Moodle platform. Go to and click "Log in" in the right hand top corner.

Access is free, all you need is to register with your e-mail address.

There are now eleven units available in English and Greek. In Danish, Maltese, and Spanish the first eight units can be used and the remaining three units are going through the final proof reading before being opened online.

Meet the Safety4El teams in Thessaloniki

Safety4El has been accepted for roundtable presentations in Thessaloniki.

During the presentation we’ll demonstrate:
- an Open Educational Resource based on a Moodle MOOC with hundreds of multimedia supported multiple choice exercises
- safety cases based on videos produced by the partnership

Risk Assessment Case One

The case is based on the participants watching a video where they’ll point out all the work environment issues they observe during the video.

The safety and work environment issues demonstrated in the video are:

  • Disorder at work
  • Protective equipment for eyes and ears
  • Disorder on the workbench / workplace
  • Flammable liquids (lighter fluid, detergents, etc.) in the workplace
  • Flammable materials (cardboard, paper, etc.) in the workplace
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (safety gloves)
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (safety goggles)
  • Use of work equipment (angle grinder) without personal protective equipment (hearing protection)
  • Technical aid (angle grinder) without guard and handle

Download the case in:

Scaffolding Guidebook Ready for Download

The Scaffolding Guidebook describes how to use the Safety4El materials in a CLIL context (Content and Language Integrated Lesson). Using CLIL and scaffolding can help non native learners better work with abstract issues.

Download the guidebook in English,  Danish, Greek (Other versions will be ready shortly)

Language versions of the website

The project teams are now preparing the website areas so all main pages will be in Danish, English, Greek, Maltese, and Spanish. E.g.

Project brochures are ready for download

The project teams have prepared updated brochures that can now be downloaded in: